Spectora 2 inspectors

I want to know if is ok or not if my friend add me to his Spectora account even each of us have different companies name,different insurance, etc

Here is the thing. I’m only getting jobs when he has two inspection at the same time. I do one and he does the other. I’m still working to get my own leads, but it has been hard like everyone knows.

So, until I get jobs by myself, is better for me pay only $70 (for add other inspector) than pay $100

He can add you as an inspector thru his template, and assign you that job. That way all your credentials are on the report.

I do not use Spectora - But I would also assume that his account is linked with some business logos and stuff that would also populate under a report that you are doing. If you are doing them under his business name, then not a concern. If you are trying this as a standalone venture, then it would be very confusing for a client as to why a different business logo is on the report that you did.