Spectora: Inspecting Condos And Limitations

When inspecting a condo, do you remove sections of the report that are not inspected (because they’re the HOA’s responsibility) or list them as a limitation? For example: the roof, exterior, etc.

Remove Section Completely?

Or List As Limitation?

I inspect all systems that affect the Condo unit itself. Some HOA’s wont allow access to the roof. That’s where camera poles and drones come in. I have found many a messed up exterior and flashings, and other items in the technically “common” areas.
If a system was not inspected, it is identified and explained in the report. If the condo has the feature, it stays in the report, and is NEVER removed. It is the only proof you have that you attempted to inspect it.


That makes sense, I agree it is important to detail why things weren’t inspected instead of removing them completely. Thanks JJ!


Just to reinforce what @jjonas has said. HOA responsibilities should not effect the approach to the home inspection. Does not matter who is responsible for up-keep or who fixes it. I do make it clear in my report I will (or will not) inspect adjacent units or shared amenities (pools, work-out rooms, walkways, corridors etc.) Sometimes an adjacent unit or common area may have a negative impact on the subject property and I will include that.

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That makes sense, thanks Brian!