spot on roof sheathing


So I was in the kneewall area above my garage and behind the master bath/closets. Here is a pic of the area:

and I noticed this on the sheathing:

Nothing wrong on the outside of the roof. Just strange - looks burned. I am thinking it was on the board when they used it building the roof (1993). Structurally sound. Any other thoughts?

That’s a roof leak sir.

looks like it is wet down lower also…

Agreed, you can even see the water stains on the rafter. Looks like it may have been leaking intermittently for a while.

You also have a leak in the lower left of photo 2, at the eave.


Time to call a roofing contactor. If you wait it will only get worse and cost you more money

Hmmm never heard that before. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Ok then. Looks like a new roof is sooner than I thought. It is original…