Spray foam insulation

I’m a builder in North Florida and have a question on one of my projects. I encourage my customers to Choose spray foam insulation. The condition of this home is that spray foam was sprayed on the roof deck as well as the wall cavities, insulation was not sprayed in the overhang soffit area. There is approximately a 2 1/2 foot overhang that is neither insulated on the roof deck or vented in the soffit area my customer is concerned that this non-vented and non-insulated area of dead airspace could be a problem for the long-haul I would appreciate your opinions. The roof deck is 5/8 inch CDX. And the soffit is three eights inch BC plywood.

No need to insulate a sofit area that’s not part of/over the conditioned building envelope

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I agree with your customer that unventilated dead air space can cause problems. In FL ice damming is probably not a problem, but high winds can drive rain up, down and sideways. Should the unventilated eaves ever get wet how can it dry out? How hard would it be to ventilate?

Thanks everyone, we are going to ventilate the soffits.

I the soffit area is completely sealed and isolated from the attic space, I see no need of having to ventilate it.
It now becomes dead space identical to the overhang space that is typically unvented on the gable end of a roof system.

Marcel, I understand your point. And thank you so much for bringing your experience to the table on this question. I will definitely give this some serious consideration and discuss with my client. Thank you.