Spray Foam On Fabric

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  • Sealed/Nonvented Attic

The attic over the garage is separated from the rest of the attic by a piece of fabric with spray foam on it. To be clear - a piece of thin fabric, hung like a room dividing curtain across an open gap, then spray foamed.
My comment is “spray foam manufacturers usually require a mechanically sturdy substrate, have installer confirm

QUESTION - Am I correct to think this is not typical and likely not acceptable? Or did I miss when this suddenly became a thing?

That’s super sketchy. I’ve never seen that before, not sure what the manufacturer has to say, but I can’t imagine that that is an acceptable practice.

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Got any links to such info?

That insulation mesh/netting is used between vented attic spaces and sealed attics frequently with spray foam.

Did you really cut a hole in that insulation? You gong to have it patched?

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Nagh, hole was already there. Just drawing attention to it.

I cant find a manufacturer that allows or disallows it. Just general statements about spray technique and thickness. I couldn’t find an installer tag anywhere calling out the brand.

Hi Daniel
Most AHJ’s will require some type of fire barrier (fire retardant paint) be sprayed over the foam if it’s in some sort of crawl space that has an access panel.

Seems to me the idea with the cloth is that it is used as a means to hold the wet foam until its dried. Then the foam would support itself. The job of foam insulation is to provide air sealing and R value. If it is doing both of those sufficiently and in the right places then there’s no defect to write up. If that foam wall is so weak that a mouse fart will knock it over then it may warrent a mention.

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