Sprinkler System Pump

A pump for a sprinkler system has three wires 2 black one green the timer which they are to be connected to has the white, green, and black terminal how should this be connected. Any help is appreciated.

240v or 120? The 2 blacks would indicate 240v, the white indicates 120v.
We really need more info for a good answer

the volts listed on the 1 1/2 hp pump one phase is 115/230. On the original timer one of the black wires were connected to a red wire there was no white wire. A piece of tape was around it that said load two, the black wire said load one.

You still haven’t said what we need to know. Is the supply voltage 120 or 240 <AKA115/230>?
The dual rated motor needs to be jumpered correctly for that voltage, the actual wiring into that is not really polarity sensitive but you need to insure that the disconnect opens all ungrounded conductors.

the supply voltage is 240

Are you sure the timer is 240v? Look at the contact ratings and be sure it is rated for the motor. Does the timer open 2 legs?
You might be able to use a 120v timer on a 240v pump but you will need a 4 wire circuit to it to pick up the neutral for the motor and it will have to be listed for the use.

I am abouty 30 miles up the road and I have a 240v timer if you need one. I will swap it for a 120.