Sprinkler systems

Just curious if it is common to test sprinkler systems and if so to what extent. I have been on ride alongs where the systems are not tested amd others where each head is evaluated.

And here’s a pic of today’s melted timer for fun.

You should look at anything attached to the electrical service.

As for what you inspect, look to the standards of practice you are required to comply with.

They are attached to the electrical service but not required as per the Nachi SOP.

Where they are attached to the service “IS” a requirement. What is in the ground “IS NOT”.

And the NACHI SOP is not the only SOP…

Florida is also not required.

I offer it as part of my standard Inspection.

If it’s not required by NACHI SOP not your states, it becomes a business decision for you to make. Some offer as part of standard service, some as an ancillary service for a fee. Not trying to be a jerk… But I refer to it as lawn irrigation system. Sprinklers are something else. A buddy of mine is a project manager for a sprinkler company his saying is “irrigation saves your grass, sprinklers save your ***”.

I’m planning to offer it if the controller is not ancient. Basically only to look for geysers or if the heads are hitting HVAC equipment.

Most time clocks, if not all are plugged into a receptacle for power and are low voltage from the clock. So in most cases, there is nothing electrical to inspect.

I’m looking for an irrigation system SOP. Anybody have a good one?

I don’t have a formal SOP, but through out my years in property management I’ve started plenty of system. Set time clock to run each zone for 3/4 minutes. You can check inside the clock to see how many zones are hooked up. Check the zones for water pressure, make sure heads fully “pop”, check direction & spray pattern of heads, make sure heads aren’t soaking structure = conducive environment for WDO, make sure heads fully retract when zone shuts down. During the test you should also be able to tell if any main lines are leaking ( might want to add a disclaimer, regarding leaks, if you add this to report)

I’m using this…
Note: Landscape irrigation systems are operated only in the manual mode, and only with the controller. The inspector does not inspect the automatic function of the timer or control box, the rain sensor or the effectiveness and sizing of anti-siphon valves or back flow preventers. Spray coverage for the sprinkler system was not verified as part of this inspection. Coverage should be monitored for the system and adjusted accordingly to ensure even watering of the landscaping.
Underground pipes cannot be judged for breaks or possible root intrusions.

Sounds like a reasonable disclaimer that covers it. If i do any irrigation systems maybe i’ll “borrow” it. Just kidding.

That’s why I posted it.

“sprinklers” are included with my full comps.
8 of 10 have them down here.
Thanks, I’m gonna use it from now on!