Stain below vinyl siding.

Home was built in 2006.

Vinyl siding.

Rust/dirt colored stains located around entire home below siding on exterior block.

What are the stains from?

How would you report, what would you recommend?

128008 007 (Small).jpg

Need more pictures and info.

David could You tell if there was a weather barrier /house wrap under the siding ???

No I could not tell.

It turned out the realtors husband who is an inspector and in one of my associations looked at it and he had no clue either.

I have no more pictures.

well i can’t be of much help other than to say I think osb with no house wrap under vinyl siding…just my opinion…jim

Stains from rotting OSB. ??

Are the stains random or under doors and windows and other penetrations?


Not below any windows or doors.

Anyone in the area do IR scans?

Funny, Carl, started my post #2 with this question about doors and windows and then deleted it to ask for more pics/info.

Did you get a chance to read my return email to your mass mailout over the week-end?

Yes Brian I read it along with a few others I got.

Just a thought…

Could this just be staining from dirt and whatnot being washed off the siding from the sprinkler system? I’ve seen similar staining when sprinkler heads were spraying water on the house.


No sprinkler system, but I was thinking along the same track about possable dirt from original build and grade. But then when I see the pattern of the stains it looks like it is from the siding.

I hate not being able to figure it out or pinpoint the cause.

Ever watch the show Finder Fixers on DIY? Great show!!

I see that a lot on the interior foundation walls. Even from 15 or 20 years earlier. :roll:

It all depends on when the stains showed up. If the stains appeared during construction I would say a good rain came through before wrap could be applied to the house. If that was the case you might have concern for water damage to the OSB. If the stains didn’t appear until after the house was sided unless I could visually prove weather barrier material doens’t exist I would have to go with Mark.

Watch it all the time along with many others. Ask This Old House is one of my favorites.

did you see the type of nails used,in any of the applications


But it sounds like you are hitting the nail on the head.

Another inspector friend of mine that has been in business for about 20 years stated he thought it may be the type of nails used.

That makes sense!!

Would the nails be causing stains if they are dry?

Looks to me like the foundation bolts probably were exposed to rain storms during construction causing the rust stains.

That’s my guess.

Is there alot of snow in those parts. At any time was snow making contact on the foundation wall and siding?