Statewide Inspection Company Needs Inspectors in Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami

Give me call if you or anyone you know wants to pick up some inspections. We are very busy in Tampa, Broward County and Miami-Dade.

We can supplement what you are doing now, maybe if you can do two or three days per week with us.

Please call me with questions!! 888-697-2331 - Heather.

When would I find the time to post? :wink:

Haha, Joseph!! CMI like you would find a way! :wink:

i’ll take anything in Broward and Dade.

thank you

Andrew Ricke

I “think” you are a day late and a dollar short :frowning: I think she filled it but am not positive.

I know I received a call from this lady (I believe it was her) a month or so ago. I politely turned her offer down. Didn’t make sense for me anyways. I’ve been way too busy lately.