Steam vent??

What you are looking at is sometype of vent??? DSCF0001 (Small).JPG This is on the return piping to a steam boiler. All the room radiators have no steam release valves on them, just supply pipe in and a return pipe out.

When the boiler fires up on call for heat you can hear a whistling coming from this thing on the return pipe. I’m guessing this is correct to hear, and assume it’s working correctly??? Give me your input.

DSCF0001 (Small).JPG

What does the condensate return to. A CRU or what.

It returns to a hartford loop then into the boiler.

What is CRU stand for???

Hi to all,

Brian, what you are seeing there is a Jacobus Maid O’Mist air valve used to vent air from the supply/return lines.



Thank you Gerry so much. I always get great reponse on the board. Thanks again