Steel column to Beam Connection

Can someone post the requirement for securing steel columns to the steel main beam. I thought they had to be bolted together, can’t locate the information in the IRC. Thanks.


Here ya go…


John, I think that they can be bolted, welded or connected with bendable metal tabs. Column bearing plate must also be at least full width of beam.

Here is a real and standard conection guys if it helps.


This would be your standard beam column support and beam to column attachment.

Hope this helps.

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Hi guys,

Would you report this, as the column top plate in not at least as wide as the beam it supports?
Marcel, it’s basically the opposite of what your picture shows.

Also, does anyone kow exactly how much welding is enough at these connections, when only welding is used? Is this enough, should it be all sides…?

Thanks a lot!


steel beam column connection.jpg

steam beam connect.jpg

Hi. Paul-Marc

Although this would be adequate to serve the purpose of stabilizing the column to beam, it would have been prudent to clean off and grind the unnecessary features that I see like that angle iron.

Typically, a two inch weld would be adequate front and back of the top bearing plate of the column. in this case, the weld looks amateur and might not be adequate should this column sustain any axial or lateral strains that we are unaware of.

I would recommend weld on both sides of the cap plate and grind and prime exposed steel. Welding to be done by qualified Welder.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :):smiley:

Thanks for the info and advice

The connection of steel columns, to me, falls under the classification of engineering. I try to be careful as how I call out anything I might feel is adequate/inadequate.

That being said the connection point should be secured. :smiley:

Now if you show me the engineered drawings I will gladly inspect the installation and comment. :smiley:

PS As for the welding, unless you actualy saw it being done, and know what you are looking at, do not even hazard a guess if it is correct. :wink:

What’s the purpose of that metal bar in the first photo?

Holding the column plumb while being welded to the beam.

Marcel :):smiley:

It demonstrates what crappy welding looks like. :smiley:

Jees they could not even bother cleaning off the paint. :frowning: