Steel Trusses and Conductors

Im not sure if this shoudnt be posted in electrical- I was inspecting a steel frame home. While in the attic space i noticed the electrical conductors for the house lying along the edges of the steel trusses.

My thoughts were that if one was in the attic and stepped on a wire just right and sliced it it would charge the whole attic.
When running wires in attics with steel frame trusses is there anything required to protect conductors from getting damaged/cut

Metal framing is an excellent conductor of electricity. Therefore extra caution shall be observed too avoid contacting energized electrical conductors (wiring) when entering or working in the subject property attic space for equipment servicing or other purposes. Never install service or storage platform materials atop the electrical wiring.

If anyone is dumb enough to directly contact, step on or stand on wiring, no matter the location they may deserve the consequences.

Thinning of the gene pool is necessary in certain cases.:mrgreen:

That is a good question. Makes you wonder if the wiring should be installed in a more commercial manner with conduit. Also the steel might need bonding. I never see steel used in residential construction here, but it is an interesting question, look forward to seeing the responses.

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