step footing and underpinning combo

I was in a brand new openhouse for what i assume was a flip. I noticed that there was a growing gap between the baseboard towards the western wall 1 1/2 inches at the wall. In the new basement appartment there was a 3 foot by 3foot step footing on the opposite side of the house. The baseboard running along it was cracked in the centre. There are signs that indicate underpinning on the rest of the foundation, the agent confirmed this a recent. Now the MAIN issue i have with this is that the hydronic heating system has plumbing going through the settling/unlevel wall of the house and under the driveway to heat it. My sister LOVES this house, but im worried about the settling breaking the plumbing and flooding the house. (To say the least) I understand the reasoning behind the foundation combo (5foot walkway to the neighbors house) but i have never seenor heard of this kind of setup before and not sure how bad it can get. My sister is talking her husband into the house tonight so any insight would be welcome. Sorry i dont have photos.

It is difficult to advise from your words but making sure she has an inspection contingency (if she is sold and selling her husband) and then getting a qualified person over there to tell you what you have going on would be prudent.