Strut your stuff Game on???

Ok Dave A and all you CMI’s show me what you have, the pic is a heat pump air handler what I am looking for is a situation that may or may not be a reportable item in a report. I know what my report will say what is the situation visible in the pic that was visible to me before I removed the front cover. No Its not the simple Sh** mold on the blower paper or the missing insulation on the suction line. This unit was installed in the attic above a finished ceiling.

Note I did not say it was a repairable item just a situation that may or may not appear in your report.

Take your best shot and tell me what it is and what would go in your report

For starters, I’m offended that you grouped me with CMI’s!

I ain’t no CMI!

So I’ll sit this one out! :wink:

I am just looking for the best of the best:p aw come on play the game:D Buddy

I will a just monitor the situation so you can have some fun and a very educational experience! :slight_smile:

And since I am molded in a certain way, I will wait and see what the answer is. I am a CMI in congnito. But that only means Certified in Mind and Intuition. :mrgreen::wink:

Cum on Marcel we will let you beat that furnace with a hammer its an easy question:D

Well, I do prefer to use my hammer, but the answer was in my OP. :wink:

Well now I am sad , no one wants to play, mayhap old Larson will be along even though I tried to hide down here in the Okla thread

Does it have to do with the direction of flow?

Charley, there is mold like substance on the fan enclousure and the copper is turning black, I am getting closer?:slight_smile:

No Sir my young friend it does not;-)

Ya did not read my first post MChammer:p:shock:

Is there a filter anywhere on the system? Also, what’s the beat up box on the left side? And, is there a condensate drain line?

Would it have anything to do with refrigerant pipe size variation?

Nope nothing at all about pipe size actually they were increased in size due to the distance from the condensing unit which is good;-)

Ah Jim ya have better eyes than me I don’t see a beat up box. The condensat drain not in the pic but yes there was one and the return air filters were in the interior ceiling return air grill.

My situation is in the pic posted right before your eyes ya need to come up and ride somemore with me I need the company. :wink:

What’s with the warp /opening on the left side of the fan housing? If it was damaged and out of round, that could cause the fan to rub on the housing.

Do the refrigerant lines need to be insulated in Oklahoma? They do in my neck of the woods.

If it was warped you would be correct out of round would not be good, but not the case here the blower was fine I shot the pic at a angle in order to get the situation included because I was thinking of posting this while I was on the inspection. Ya guys need to think HP. I have actually never ran into this situation before as a service tech or as a home inspector but actually looking at the furnace I knew what I was going to find once I removed the front cover and I was correct:D

The line on the right has no grommet allowing air to be pulled from around opening and it is causing rust to form at the union.? My novice attempt Mr. Charlie. You said you could see it before removing the cover ?