Stucco ID Decision Tree Card

I am currently doing the advanced stucco course and I am wondering if there is a PDF or JPEG version of the “Stucco ID Decision Tree Card” available. I know there is a free one available on the inspectoroutlet website but I would rather just have a version I can save on my laptop and phone.

Thanks in advance

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Todd, can you just take a picture of it and save it to your computer and phone?

Just an idea… :smile:

I am well aware of that but why waste paper and the cost for shipping if there is already an online version that is all I am getting at. Plus I am impatient lol.
Seems silly that a course for stucco wouldnt have it already as part of the course pdf.

Well, good luck Todd. I hope you find 'em.

Maybe another inspector can email a copy of 'em to you. :smile:

never found tree useful to or for my knowledge…i ran commercial & some res stucco/eifs crews in the 90’s
others may
anyhoo have at it Stucco tree.pdf (182.1 KB)

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Thanks! I will try and put it to good use.

As Barry said … I would have simply scanned it as a pdf and saved to the computer