Student Discussion: How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion Course

I noticed that flir has a moisture meter that has a form of a thermal camera on it. Is this more detailed in terms of detecting moisture or is it not necessary and just as good as a regular thermal camera? I am referring to the Flir MR160 vs something like a Flir C2.

We get a lot of wet basement up here in Wisconsin, we find a lot of old stone basements on old farm houses

I find bath fans, kitchen range hoods that are vented into the attic, it causes a lot of moisture into the attic and stains in the roof rafters and roof sheathing. Realtors don’t like it when I inform them that it has to go to the exterior of the house.

The moisture intrusion course is very informative.

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Would the thermal inspection be an additional charge? Or is it standard to include that in a typical home inspection?

Starting the moisture course.

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