Sub Panel Wiring Question

I have a sub panel that does not have a dedicated breaker at the main panel. I found two breakers feeding the panel from the main that I am not familiar with. They do not have a switch. Any input would be appreciated.


What is your question?

Is the panel in photo #1 feeding the panel in photo #2?

MLO subpanel fed using a sub-feed breaker/lug. The feeder feeding the subpanel need to match ampacity that of the backfeed breaker (upper right) in the first pic.

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Yes, the breaker on the left feeds the second panel.

Simon, thank you!

As Simon mentioned there is no breaker on the left. That is a bus tap device and has no OCP. The main is 125 amps what size are the conductors feeding the sub-panel?


I think you are missing a panel, both those pictures look like sub-panels, did not see a main breaker in either panel.

The back fed main is the CB on the upper right in photo #1.

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