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neutral and ground bars not seperated. Is this really a thing I should write up and why. I was told it’s really not a big deal to report (just another red flag on the report) I f I don’t need to report it I’d like not to. Any input


If the bars are not seperated at the “remote distribution panel” you have created a parallel path for neutral " grounded" conductor current. This could allow current to FLOW on the metal enclosure and so on and gets even worse in metal conduit situations.

Not sure who told you that information but it is not correct and you should most certainly write it up.

Brian…this might assist you :

(A) Preventing Objectionable Current. To prevent a fire, electric shock, or improper operation of circuit-protection devices or sensitive equipment, electrical systems and equipment must be installed in a manner that prevents objectionable current from flowing on conductive materials, electrical equipment, or grounding and bonding paths.

Author’s Comment: Objectionable current occurs because of improper neutral-to-case bonds and wiring errors.Improper Neutral-to-Case Bond [250.142]

Panelboards. Objectionable current will flow on metal parts when the grounded neutral conductor is bonded to the metal case of a panelboard that is not part of service equipment.

Disconnects. Objectionable current will flow on metal parts when the grounded neutral conductor is bonded to the metal case of a disconnecting means that is not part of service equipment.


Report it(in writing) chat with client why having current possibly flow down your safety line could be bad, and defer to a qualified electrician.


Agreed…and now Brian knows why it is it is a problem…:slight_smile:

Thank You Thank You I Hoped You’d See This Thread. I Was Told This By Another Inspector That Says He Sees This All The Time, And Why Send Another Red Flag Up.


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