Submitting exam scores to state for license

Hello I passed the exam and I’m submitting everything into the state right now. I already submitted my proof of general liability insurance. Submitted the certificate for passing the exam with the score “guessing that’s what they needed for proof”? But they are saying that no exam scores found? Do I need to submit every single certificate totaling up to 120 hours as well for proof? Or do I just need to take a screenshot of saying congratulations I got my 120 hours?

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If you finished all of the classes required for the 120 hours you will have a certificate. I just went through this with my son.
120 certificate-1676920527.pdf (565.0 KB)


Thank you very much for your help, greatly appreciated!

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I only submitted the 120 hours cert, as Jeremy mentioned above. Also, they seem to go through the licensing stuff a couple times or different groups cover it. For example, my fingerprints were the last thing that cleared, even though they were cleared by the police the evening I had them done. My license took around 10 days to completely finish after I had submitted mostly because the timing caught two weekends.

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Thanks for the feedback, gives me a good idea of the timing