Summertime Home Inspection Checklist

During a hot summer your home may be at the risk for a series of potential home disasters. Routine home maintenance and addressing problems in a timely manner is the key to preventing hefty repair bills. You should also consider getting a home maintenance inspection to find out what you can do to avoid potential issue before they become costly repairs.

Here is an essential summer home inspection checklist to help you keep your home safe and sound while beating the heat this summer.

  • Check the Air Conditioner Verify that the AC unit is in proper working condition and look out for subtle warning signs like rusting inside the unit. If any obstruction like trees, bushes, or plants are found very close to the unit, they may ultimately damage the air conditioner.
  • Inspect your Drainage Poor drainage can affect the overall quality of a home’s foundation. Inspect the gutters to make sure they are physically in good condition to transport water from the house. If it has not rained lately, lookout for soggy spots in the yard to get a hint about an underlying drainage problem.
  • Examine the Foundation Inspect for foundation damage including, visible cracks on the outside and sagging floors and warped ceilings on the inside of the home respectively. Check the basement for cracks, warping, and other potential signs of a weakened foundation.
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