***Sun Nuclear 1027 For Sale***

I used this as a backup machine and got very little use. Last calibrated in 2019. Like new condition. Includes factory carry case, power cord, data cord with USB adaptor, 2 keys, manual and other documents. Always stored in warm, dry storage. Selling to upgrade my equipment. $350USD. Located in Canada.
Will ship anywhere on your dime. PayPal.

What is it’s actual age (birthdate)?

Is there a date of manufacture on these? I will go back through my paperwork to see if I can get a age

Yup. Sun will no longer service anything older than 10 years. Really makes anything near that age virtually useless if in a licensed state!

It’s much newer then that. I’ve only been doing this 6 years and it was bought after I started

Worth noting on Jeff’s post. Sun will still calibrate machines older than 10 years. However, if they need repair, they will not repair them.

…thus forcing you into replacing the machine.

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Looks like I bought this Machine in November 2016, so it’s right at 5 years old