Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors for sale

I have 4 Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitors for sale. Two have never been used and were purchased in October 2017. The other two were purchased December 2016 and have only been used twice. Included is a double monitor Pelican case and a single monitor Pelican case and a Thermal printer for the 1028 model.

4 -1028 continuous Monitors, 2- Pelican monitor cases, 1- Thermal 1028 Printer. Asking $3,500.

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Chris Di Rienzo







Hello - Do you still have the monitors available?

Hi are the radon monitors still available?

Hey, Chris.

I don’t see a response to either earlier query, but I’ll also ask, are the monitors still available?

If I wanted the monitors |I would pick up the phone and call immediately ( ) ( 804-731-0007 )

I have one (1) used Sun Nuclear Radon Monitor #1028 for sale, calibrated in October 2018. Includes carrying case and door hangers. $800 I live in Steamboat Springs, CO 702 375 8184

Have you sold your monitor?