Sun Nuclear Model 1027 for sale

I am trying to sell my Sun Nuclear model 1027. I bought it in 2009 (sticker on the side of the CRM shows April 2009). It was last calibrated by Bowser Morner on 6/29/2010, so it will be due again on 6/29/2011. I do not have a printer with it, but the CD that installs the program to download the information does work. I bought it for a home inspection business that failed, so I no longer need the CRM. Any serious offer will be considered. Please let me know if you are interested.

How Much Kyle if you have a amount in mind

kyle, email me the info too. Thx

Hey YOU i seen it first :wink:

LOL! I just bought a big supply from Air Check so I figured a “deal” would come along:D. Did you ever hear from him?

Not yet

Sorry guys, I have had a very sick child to attend to. I have responded to you on email. -Kyle

Kyle, God bless your sick child, I hope your child gets well soon.

Take care!!

I am interested as well does that make me 3rd in line. Anyways send me some info on it to

We could simply auction it off here and save the ebay fees… let the bidding start at $400.00
(thats more than a fair price for a unit that most likely was seldom used)


Let me know where you want me to send the CRM and how you want to handle the payment and it’s yours!!


I sent you an email on the tester. I haven’t heard anything from anyone else on it, so if you are interested, lets work out a deal.

Got your email and responded.
Thanks Kyle

$450…going once…twice…???

Since Kyle has sold his I have a 1027 for sale as well. I have upgraded to all 1028 monitors and have only 1 1027 left. It is about 3 years old and is due for calibration. It comes with the case from the company and also a thermal printer. Going price is $500.

How are the 1028’s working for you?
How long have you had them?

1028 has a much better report than the 1027 and a battery that will do a complete test in case someone unplugs the unit.

Yes I’m interested. How much? Please respond to
Thanks Ed Donofrio 571 -233-9460