Swimming Pool Inspection

Anybody has a template for a pool inspection?:roll: Thanks!

Yes , reporthost now has one for swimming pools.

HIP has one as well. You can download the trial and just print off a blank report if you want something to take with you.

First Pool inspection in the morning. Looking for a swimming pool inspection agreement. Does anyone have one to share?

Checklist report in http://www.nachi.org/pool-spa-course.htm

Homeguage has a template for pool inspection. It is long, but very thorough.

If you have never inspected a pool, DON’T. Farm it to someone with experience and tag along and learn. Much liability lay ahead!!


Here is mine hope it helps you out. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was my first pool inspection since I started doing home inspections. Plenty of experience and well qualified. I was a building contractor for 18 years and and a swimming pool contractor for 12 years.

Brian thanks for the agreement.

I’m also a pool contractor and I agree there’s lots of liability there. I would suggest that you make sure you’re up on the latest ANSI/APSP standards especially the #7 for suction entrapment avoidance. In the pool industry like in inspecting the biggest thing we get brought into a law suite with is “failure to notify”. This is especially true with safety issues.



I noticed in your inspection agreements that you limit the liability to the cost of the inspection. In California, you cannot do that. Home inspectors are specifically forbidden to do this.

What we do, and a lot of other inspectors, to get around this is to limit the liability to 2 or 3 times the inspection fee.

**California Business and Professional Code 7198. **

**Contractual provisions that purport to waive the duty owed pursuant to Section 7196, or limit the liability of the home inspector to the cost of the home inspection report, are contrary to public policy and invalid.

Check with your lawyer, but the way you have it written could remove any limit on your liability.