Switch to attic light ~6' down the hall from the attic ladder. Acceptable?

The red X marks the spot where the light switch is for the attic light. Is this too far away from the attic entrance, or is this okay?

I would just recommend it being marked as such.

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It is fine, IMHO.


I don’t believe there is a requirement for the attic light switch to be anywhere in particular - was mechanical equipment in the attic? if there is no mechanical equipment there doesn’t have to be a light at all.

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the furnace/evap unit

Up to the 2017 NEC there is no maximum distance required so the switch is perfectly acceptable where it is.


case closed, thank you all!

At least there is a switch. On an inspection a few weeks ago, you just had to turn the bulb in the socket to turn it on. Of course, it was a little warm turning it off!