T&P Pipe and Gas Drip Leg

Has anything changed recently with respect to the material for a T & P relief valve extension pipe? I have come across a few water heaters with Schedule 40 PVC being used on a 4 year old house, and new water heater installation by Sears. Did I miss the memo?

I have also seen no drip leg provided at the gas line to the water heater and furnaces, just an elbow turned into the gas valves. Did I miss something there too?

Nothing has changed. PVC is not allowed for TPR discharge. Sediment traps are required by some codes and most manufacturers, but not all.

Whew! Thought I missed something. Thanks Jeff.

with the popularity of the big box stores and their “installation Kits”…you just never know what You are going to find…

Very much agreed James. That’s why we do what we do.