Tankless Water Heater

Hi, I would like to know what kind of tank-less whole house water heaters you folks like and dislike and the reasons why. Eco smart has a dealer in my area if anyone has any thoughts on them.

My water heater is very corroded and must be replaced before I have a major problem.

Any information or advice on them would be greatly appreciated.

I’m of 2 minds on tankless. Most of the time i think they are a poor choice.

This says it best. http://activerain.com/blogsview/2297270/the-fabled-tankless-water-heater

Thanks Michael I will check it out now.

I just checked it out and that is just the type of info I am looking for to make an educated choice. Thanks again.

FIRST. Go to your main gas meter and find out the size. It is most likely marked Class 250. This means you have a gas capacity of 250,000 btu available.

NEXT. Go to all your gas appliances and add up the BTU for each item. That would be each burner on the stove, the oven, any fireplaces, bbq’s, and furnace. Get the total BTU’s from these appliances.

LAST. Take the total BTU’s from your appliances and add those to the BTU’s for the new tankless. (Most likely around 180,000 BTU by itself). If the total BTU’s is more than the rating on your gas meter, you can’t use one without upgrading your meter (this can be spendy) and sometimes your supply lines.

Requirements for natural gas are that every appliance must be able to be running at the same time and the meter / lines may not be able to handle the extra load of the tankless unit. (Normal water heaters are around 80k BTU’s give or take the size)

Many people do not like tankless. There is a minimum water flow in order to activate the system. Those that have the super green low flow fixtures may not draw enough water to activate the unit…

Good luck. Oh… And don’t forget to install your TPR valve… :wink:

Look at see Below

I am not impressed with Instant .
Char does Genealogy they Put in a bunch and had the service man back every week they finally gave up and had them all removed .

View Demo

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It will be electric and it is the same unit from the famous tpr valve case.

The corrosion has gotten much worse and I fear it will cause a major problem if it goes.

Thanks to all who have helped so far.

Those take some serious power. Depending on the size of the heater, it can take anywhere from 1 60 amp double pole to 3 60 amp double pole breakers. How is your panel?



Thanks to all I just got off the phone and I may finally have got a break. The darn thing is still under warranty. Now just comes the pain in the a-s part of removing and replacing.

Your other option is to go solar.

Tankless water heaters are good investments in new construction … but the return on your investment when retrofitting a system is such that it will probably not be in your lifetime that you will realize an energy savings that will bring you to the “break even” point.


Mike, I don’t know where your HWT is but I just replaced the HWT in one of my rentals. It is an older home and a tight fit. Up until a few years ago no problem. Now we have the politically correct HWT. There is alot of extra insulation built into them = wider tank and I had to take down, shorten and rehang alot of shelvng to get the DAM thing in! Plus the price is about $80.00 higher than the last one I did. Insult upon injury, yikes!

Hopefully mine will just swap out. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all who have given advice and comments.