Taxing Customers Florida

The Taxation and Budget Reform Commission, which meets every 20 years, is considering other tax relief ideas including a proposal that would replace school property taxes with a broader sales tax on services and some goods now exempted. The commission will discuss its options Wednesday in the wake of the Amendment 1 vote.

Get ready for a sales tax on Home Inspections, Mold etc,. here in Florida

I would like to see no property tax and have property tax replaced with a sales tax, it is doubtful that will happen though.

Your probably a Huckabee man then.:stuck_out_tongue:

Not with a loaded gun to my head. :twisted:

I still want Bob Dole.

If they put up the sales tax it would hurt the tourist that come here and there numbers will drop. If that happens then its State Income Tax here we come.

I believe that an income tax would require a change to the Florida constitution, and just like the property tax, passed by 60% of the voters. If the vote for the meager property tax reduction was any indication, the voters would not pass an income tax inititiave.

It would be wonderful if the state and federal governments would try cutting spending instead. :roll:

What you mean spending millions of tax payers $ on the revamping The Citrus Bowl here in Orlando that only has about 3 football games a year is a waste of money.

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Sounds nice but both parties are drunk with power and committed spending everyone else’s money. ALL OF IT!

Time for a revolution. :wink:

There is also a large sign at the entrance “NO SHIRTS OR SHOES ALLOWED”:shock:

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