This is kind of like a start [continuation] of a NACHI Technical Links page from an archived topic located here …

I hope people can help add to these links over time, and see where this goes. I know I have a lot more I could add in other areas, and Erby probably has a bunch more. Just a thought …

Thanks for the help


This technical link page is a great idea thanks for all the great links. Hope I can contribute at a later date.

I used to love these pages. Aren’t there more somewhere?

Joe … I’m not sure what that link has to do with Structure Links?

Brian … there are a few pages scattered in the Education Forum which are being assembled onto a single NACHI webpage right now … keep an eye on this forum for a great Members Only technical links page for reference and learning brought to you guys by the NACHI Education Committee … :wink:

P.S. I could still use some additional links on things like inspecting ICF form walls, wood foundations, etc.

I have assembled a pretty decent link/research listing, but just like anything else there is always room for improvement … :wink:


There are several hundred more technical links already assembled on a site, which we are now trying to retrive. Some including structure.

Where Russell?

Secure site

Anyone know where this site is?

I love these pages.:slight_smile:

Hi to all,

Brian, it is undergoing final editing and will be available shortly.



Thanx Gerry

Should be a great member benefit, providing countless hours of surfing and learning enjoyment … :wink:

Thanx Robert:)

Thanx again Robert, these are great links

Hey Gerry, can’t someone just put the links is a spot like this as it is not really used anyway?


Is it shortly yet???:smiley:

I love these pages:D