Teermal camera E40BX to sell


I am selling my thermal camera Flir E40BX. It comes with a second calibrated lens (10mm), an extra battery and a charger. Works perfectly fine. 4000$


Its spelled Thermal camera and they sell refurbished and new for $3600.00 or less.

Must be in really good shape for $4000.00

Why are you selling it?


Don’t forget the extra lens (wide angle), worth about 1K alone.

Calibration Date? Original Owner?

Missed that, still seems high as no other information is provided.

I found one new at $3623.00 and the 10 MM lens is indeed around $1000.00

Still, for $4600 you get a new camera with lens. Might be a fair deal but not a great deal considering there is no warranty period.

Nothing prevents you from making an offer at a price that you consider worthwhile.

I have my eye on another camera. A Fluke TI300 for $3000.00