Tell Me What You See!

I would agree with Mr Ogletree and others without a moisture meter we are guessing and not that well. I think the imaging is good but more information is needed. My camera is a liar so I have to work to get the truth out

would like picture of outside where photos are

what was the inside outside temperature was delta t reached?

is there solar loading?

time of day outdoor conditions

is there ventilation nearby?

what are the camera specs and settings?

the first image i see possible moisture possible misaligned insulation possible wind washing what I would be most interested in investigating further would be the concentrated cool area to the left on the flat wall

second image looks like missing insulation but we need to test and investigate further

Third image is a throw away for me tile does not image well too shiny and the moved bathmat is problematic. perhaps some electrical tape across it

the fourth image the anomaly looks slight is the can ac it? is it original or remodel? Venting near by on the outside? it looks like misaligned insulation but moisture test and conditions around it need to be vetted before analysis.

new to this site and not yet certified as an inspector but getting there.

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