Temperature differential in a home

I have had a number of clients complain about HVAC control in their homes. Generally, there is a room that they say is too hot of cold (depending on the season.) Several have thrown out different numbers as “official” allowable temperature differences within the home - 4 degrees, 6 degrees etc.

I have not been able to find a specific differential number like this. Is there such a number/rule? If so, where are the reading supposed to taken at?

If you are asking is there a code specific regulation the answer would be no.

The national association generally excepts 2 to 3 degree duct loss as acceptable for residential duct work. In my experience most hot pockets are self inflected poor installation, poor duct design inadequate ventilation for attic installs. old or missing insulation on the attic duct, Return air drawing in non-conditioned air, improper air balancing at the registers. The list is just endless.

Thanks Charley, that is exactly what I was asking.

I spend much time on these type clients explaining all of the different things which can negatively affect the performance and that, to my knowledge, there were no “code” type guidelines on this, just accepted guidelines or rules of thumb. But occasionally someone is just sure, such exists and presses me.