Tennessee Real Estate Commission approved InterNACHI's online courses for agents.

Inform Tennessee-licensed real estate professionals (including salespersons and brokers) that they can obtain free online Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) credits by contacting their local InterNACHI home inspector. This is a great marketing strategy for home inspectors.

Tell them to visit www.nachi.org/tn-agent and register for a free online Continuing Education course. When a real estate professional logs into the course and enters the InterNACHI member’s ID number, the member will be notified by email. Order your pack of free marketing cards by visiting http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-real-estate-agent-marketing-cards.aspx

Here is the direct link to the free marketing cards for TN: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/free-tennessee-real-estate-marketing-cards.aspx