Test Tee installed horizontally?

Came across this today on a new construction townhome when i was performing my sewer scope.
Anyone ever seen a test-tee installed horizontally like this?

Doesn’t seem right, but I can’t confirm online that test tees can’t be installed horizontally.

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Yes with the CO rolled at a 45 degree from horizontal.

exactly, this is a fail, I just spoke with the local building inspector this morning. This test tee was installed at zero degrees/horizontal. Check out the video here if you would like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1Z22uyFmwQ&feature=youtu.be


Silas that was an excellent catch. You did something most inspectors do not do, you called AHJ and got educated!

Nice video. You can tell by the pipe misalignment once you hit SDR 35 pipe they used a mechanical joint. Glue joints look ok I see purple primer, not bad. Everything seems to be running clean and no sag or standing water no cracks or roots. What camera are you using ?

Thanks Martin, I’m definitely still trying to learn as much as i can on the sewer scopes. It’s more difficult to find information about sewer scopes than home inspection.
I’m using a ridgid seesnake mini 200’ with a cs6x monitor. I think ridgid scopes are THE way to go. I’m curious to try the new trusense models.
This scope has been really great for me. Pricey though

You’re doing a great job with the video. I go a little slower as I retrieve the camera and pause at fittings and joints especially mechanical joints. I’ll be buying the Kyrie camera as a replacement camera for future use. American made and very affordable.

I know the kyrie cams are cheaper, but i know a fellow inspector here that bought one a couple of years ago and had several issues with it within the first few months. Some of the soldering broke loose on the sonde, and the camera wasn’t waterproof.

Thank you that was good feedback. I hope he was able to have the equipment repaired with their 12 month warranty.