Texas HI Test

We’ve heard that TREC or the Texas Board (??) is thinking about changing their existing test to the ASHI formed NHIE test. We thought that was weird because Texas inspection SoP’s and their test has been so code based and NHIE is not.

Anybody heard anything about that.

Haven’t heard of this yet. Where did you get these news from?

Yes, that is true. It has been discussed in several places but you can see a comment on this in the Feb TREC Advisor where it states the Inspector Advisory Committee is:*The Committee is considering adoption of the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) that would better prepare inspectors for the field and assist with some limited reciprocity concerns.

*Just fyi…I first reported about this on my company blog last April.

have you cloned yourself?

Thanks Mike!

Texas statute DOES NOT REQUIRE a Standard. It was a power assumed by the 1994 TREC inspector committee and TREC obliged.

Now is a great time for TREC to allow inspectors to use the trade association Standard of their choice. TREC should defer enforcement to civil courts and focus on education / experience.

Rules do not make good inspectors. Education, experience and a desire to do a good job do.

Send an email to the Commissioners to trust home inspectors. They can pass this this Rule without a statute. Something on the order of:

“Home inspectors may use a Standards of Practice of a trade association. The Standard shall require visual inspection and reporting of discovered performance based material defects that exist in readily accessible areas without use of special tools on the following: Foundation, Roof, Plumbing etc.” Then let INACHI SoP be an option to choose.

Time to set inspection free to do a better job. Commissioners are

avis.wukasch@trec.texas.gov; joanne.justice@trec.texas.gov; jaime.hensley@trec.texas.gov; troy.alley@trec.texas.gov; adrian.arriaga@trec.texas.gov; day.robert@trec.texas.gov; bill.jones@trec.texas.gov; weston.martinez@trec.texas.gov; dona.scurry@trec.texas.gov

I took the NHIE when it first came out. I also took the NAHI, the ICC exams, et al. They are all far superior to the Texas pop quiz which is almost certainly designed solely to allow more unqualified poseurs to enter the profession for the benefit of greasing the wheels of home sales for the brokers and their agents.:smiley: