Thank you all for playing our Great Super Bowl XLII Contests. Winners listed here: … from top down. We’ll ship to the winners on Wednesday.


Thanks Nick!!

It sure was fun :smiley: !

mario got a little trigger happy it seems, Thanks Nick and NACHI

Nick, Whats happening with the UIV?

What is a UIV?

Ultimate Inspection Vehicle? When are we raffling off drive time!

You can take a spin any time you like. We just converted it to propane (we’re going green ya know) and shot a show with it for an upcoming episode of www.NACHI.TV

Nice, Propane is the way to go, I will hit you up for a drive in the spring, little cold now…

Had to go out and shovel snow , but you guys were to fast for me anyway.
Guess everyone knows the watch Nick trick by now.
I am a winner anyhow as I got my new Internachi patch’s yesterday.
Thanks Nick.

Congrats to all the winners! I tried to keep up with you guys, but tonight of all nights my internet was LAGGGGing…so I threw in the towel.

Although I had picked the Pats on everything, I am glad the Giants won - you gotta love a good upset. Imagine the payouts on some of the bets from this game…:shock:

I picked the Giants on every bet and one the Scheduleze contest.

I agree. The first 50 min. were a little boring, but the last 10…priceless…:smiley:

I thought it was something to prevent pregnancy . . . :roll: