Thanks Nick!

I got my $500 prize today. This will make a couple rescue groups very happy. Thanks. Happy Holidays!

Thank you Nick Gromicko for coming up with the idea, hosting it and sponsoring it. I think it was great for other HG users to be able to see the many ways HomeGauge reports can be presented. This is good value for InterNACHI members to share and see how to improve their report appearance or presentation.

That is awesome Frank for donating that to the local animal rescue groups. This was an awesome event that HG and InterNACHI put on, thank you HG, Nick and InterNACHI!!

And thank you Russell for the great software!

You are welcome…However, I can only take credit for the initial look and user interface. It has since evolved through ideas made by home inspectors just like you. We are inspector driven!

New release version 5.2 Due out next month.