That's better Bill!

“asked for his input” is much more accurate.

I don’t like the newbie/fresh-out-of-school look of driving around with a plaque, but hey… at least the exaggeration has stopped.

Agreed Nick!

Not very nice comments posted.

Hmmm the comments are really nasty so far.
Maybe other inspectors.

@#(**^(()!?><&^%. There you go

Like most posts especially those anonymous ones - how do you sort out fact from fiction?

It is not always easy unless you know and have all the actual facts.

Yeah - we all have are imperfections…but it seems that some seem to devote more time in dragging out and airing dirty laundry rather than finding constructive ways to help each other. Self-reflection anyone? Consistency?

I’m sure most every inspector has experienced a few bad comments. If not by now, than likely before long in the future.

Unfortunately we seem to see too much focus on dwelling on the negative rather than collectively looking at how we can present a better image and common front on why we need to be considered as a profession, but equally more so as professionals.

As a consumer - what some people read here or in the daily rags, often becomes twisted and offered as fact, or open to a different interpretation by others. Most media organizations avoid making retractions - so what is published is often taking comments and the author interpreting it in their own terms.

Nasty comments may be ones claimed freedom of speech, but unfortunately defamation seems to become more and more common as personal attacks on fellow inspectors. The problem is that we need to find a way to protect free speech and also protect people from this senseless ongoing need for continuing on the spiteful path of defamation. Simply take a good hard look at many of the post over the past month regarding some Canadian based discussions. Are we here to help each other or create another public form to continue to libel members and/or fellow inspectors?

Bill has always been of no consequence to NACHI Goals…
or His posted interest has always been contrary to NACHI statements
and HE is the Last to Know…

and now seems to express surprise?

Post what you believe to have relevance…

well put Claude.