The duct tape guys

Have you ever seen the show when 2 guys start duct taping anything they can find. I think they may have been at this house.


YEAH…THE REDD GREEN SHOW…that’s the furnace at the " 'Posum Lodge"… i love that show.

what’d i win?

:slight_smile: A roll of duct tape, of course. Then you, too, can be a furnace man…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Duct tape is one of man’s most useful tools…:wink:

Hey…Duct tape is now becoming a fashion…

Here in Georgia, duct tape is a primary building material. Have you seen the new Gorilla tape or 3’ wide rolls of duct tape!! Heck, it fixes cracks in siding, repairs cracked windows… endless possibilities :slight_smile: </IMG>

And don’t forget that King George II recommended after 9/11 that all of us buy duct tape and tape up our windows and doors in the event of a biohazard attack. Whatever.

**Top ten reasons why you should wear duct tape to the prom
**10. Cheaper than renting a tux or gown.
9. Resistant to punch spills.
8. Prom decorations start falling down? Just peel off part of your outfit and repair ‘em on the spot.
7. The gals’ dads LOVE those hard-to-remove duct tape gowns.
6. As you grow, you don’t have to buy a new gown or tux, you just add more duct tape.
5. With duct tape hosiery, there’s no need to shave your legs for weeks after the prom.
4. The sauna-like nature of duct tape apparel allows you to loose up to 20 pounds in one night.
3. Blame your lack of dancing skills on the stiffness of your duct tape tux.
2. Rip your outfit? Get out your roll and patch it!
1. Couples wearing duct tape tend to “stick together”.

Nah, that ain’t enough, Let’s go for a few more…
-1: No more pins in the chest. Tape-on corsages are all the rage!
-2. Duct tape your parents’ bedroom door shut and have After Prom at your place.
-3. Duct tape two cars together to make a limo.
-4. Curfew? No problem, duck tape the hands on all your clocks to 10:30 p.m.
-5. Wrap your feet in duck tape so you don’t get blisters from dancing all night.
-6. Make duct tape mannequins of you and your date, so the chaperones will think you are there when really you’re under the bleachers making out.
-7. Duct tape your date’s “wandering hands” to his sides.
-8. Anyone can be prom queen with a duct tape crown.
Could we list more? Sure, there are no limits to duct tape… but we gotta go duct tape something!

I always have a roll of duct tape and twenty feet of rope handy. Then if the Grandkids get out of line…

when i was in the aviation feild of our great Navy, we called it “500 mph tape”. that’s what it was rated for, and tested true at 500 mph to hold bomb lanyard up and out of the way of bomb racks. not realy needed, but we did it anyway.

I don’t think it was President Bush who said that. Homeland Security chief, yes.

It was George.