The importance of goals

I periodically get teaser emails from Comanche Marketing which is pitched to the service industry, but is really more for plumbing and HVAC type guys…

Still, I read all the promotional emails they send because they contain little things that I find fascinating. The following regards the importance of setting a goal and writing it down (something each of us - and especially NACHI as an organization - should take the time to do).

It may not be hard science, but it does ring true…Enjoy:

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.”
Brian Tracy

You’re assaulted by negative information, making it tough for anyone to stay positive in this day and age. So how do you manage it? Below is the fourth part of 50 simple ways to stay positive in a negative world.

Some of these techniques may work for you, while others will not. Some might work for a while, but lose effectiveness over time or with repetition. That’s why there are 50 tips.

  1. Write It Down
    A contractor I know said he came across an old goal he had written down before he started his business. The goal was to be the highest paid employee at his company and worth every penny. He said he achieved this goal and now was trying to figure out the best way to craft a similar goal for his business. Though his company is profitable, the profitability is recent. The contractor wonders if the lack of a goal has impeded his success. It probably has.

In a longitudinal research study, the graduates of an Ivy League university were asked about their goals. Only 3% of the graduating seniors had written down their goals. Twenty years later, in the follow up research, the 3% who had written down their goals had amassed more wealth than the 97% who lacked written goals.

There’s something about the power of a written goal that makes it more tangible. There’s something about writing the goal down that forces a psychological commitment. Earlier, I wrote that motivational psychologist Denis Waitley says our subconscious mind moves us in the direction of our currently dominant thought. When a goal is written, the imprint on the subconscious is stronger. The pull is stronger. Written goals have added strength.

Written goals are powerful motivators. They direct your subconscious in a positive, forward direction. Your subconscious directs you.

Very nice…how about the other 49? :smiley:

You get what you pay for…in this case not all 50!!!