The InterNACHI School Announces the first 5-day Training Class at the FL HoH

The InterNACHI School announces the first 5-day training class at the Florida House of Horrors.

Take this 5-day training for Florida home inspectors at the Florida House of Horrors, an entire house with 1,000 defects built under our roof in Weston, Florida. March 19-23.

Is this compliant with the 120 hour course for Florida?

Yes. This 5-day (40-hour) class is part of the FL-DBPR approved 120-hour pre-licensing training required to become a FL-licensed home inspector. View the FL DBPR Approval

Dave! Now you can become a certified/licensed home inspector in less than a week!! :p;-)

Nope. Florida requires 120 hours. This 5-day class is part of the 120 hours. This is all explained in the class description.