The International Code Council (ICC) has approved InterNACHI.

The International Code Council (ICC) has approved InterNACHI as an ICC Preferred Provider of free, online courses for InterNACHI members, ICC members, and ICC-certified individuals.

InterNACHI will make free, online courses available to InterNACHI members, ICC Members, and ICC-certified individuals as soon as InterNACHI attains approvals of the numerous courses that are presently in the application submission process.

View ICC’s approval of InterNACHI.

Nice going Nick, good job. This will benifet many. :slight_smile:

that great! I’m taking my B1 or residential builder this sat.

Good luck with that Sean.


Go here:

Thanks! This will be my main focus this year so l am really looking forward to nach’s help.

very nice

OK passed.
BTW, very very few actual questions from the exam prep show up on the exam. Its good for reference and leaning how to fish through the book.
Maybe another version may have more relevant ones.

Congratulations Sean on what you passed. Did you move to Florida?
What kind of questions did they ask?

Curious. :slight_smile: