Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors Milwaukee Tuesday September 25th

Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors Course
Instructor:** Will Decker**

Date and Time: Tuesday September 25th at 6:00pm


5354 S 27TH STREET
MILWAUKEE WI 53221-3756

Open to inspectors of all associations, everyone is welcome.
Seating is Limited! Advance registration Required!

It is predicted that thermal imaging will be a common tool for
home inspectors within the next five years. As IR camera prices
continue to come down it is increasingly important that home
inspectors look into how these devices can be used in the course
of a home inspection as well as how they can present opportunities
for additional income from ancillary services. Even if you feel you
cannot yet afford an IR camera it is worthwhile being informed of the
possibilities this technology will afford you in the future.

This is a survey course to familiarize home inspectors with this
new, non-destructive testing technology and its applications for
building and home inspection. The course is not intended to cover
the entire field of thermal imaging, nor to substitute for professional
Level I thermography, but merely to help home inspectors understand
the basic principals, applications and importance (and limitations) of
this technology.

CE Hours: 3 NACHI, 3 Wisconsin, 3 Illinois


$25.00 WiNACHI members
$30.00 Other NACHI Members
$35.00 All Others
(Price Includes Dinner)

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