These are for existing HG users. First 2 to reply win Companion license. $199 value.

First one to respond gets a free HomeGauge Companion license ($199 value)

Note: requires user to have a HomeGauge version 5 desktop license

Merry Christmas!!!

Frank Rotte
pass, I already have it.


Wahoo Merry Christmas.
John Buckley HG User

Scot baker



I’m going to let Russell look at this thread and figure out who won as I suspect some of you have posted who aren’t HG users and these are only for HG users.

Merry Christmas to the two winners.

Merry Christmas!!!

Michael Clark

Jared Wilson and Chris Walsh!

I will email you later with the license and info.


Same guys way faster than me I think I’ll go do an inspection.

I will take it if available.