These Ok with aluminum?

Saw my worst panel so far today. Condo sub with double lugged breakers, aluminum, as you can see in the pic, one white wire with insulation melted back, a couple of double lugged whites, different gauge wires. One sparked a bit when I moved the wires. :shock:

Of course I’ve deferred to an electrician, but I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if these copper to aluminum connectors, without paste, are ok,or should they be called out.


I don’t believe that those lugs are rated for aluminum. Were those aluminum EGC’s? They almost look like the bonding wire in AC cable.

A better picture is needed. But, it looks like two conductors in the lug that is only for one.

Also the anti-oxidant is not required, but a good practice.

I’m sure you noticed the burnt neutral, yes?