thinking of offering thermal imaging

Ok I don’t offer thermal imaging right now but am looking into it so here’s my questions.
Those of you that use it for home inspections do you offer two types of inspections one with and one without and price accordingly. With the home energy do you offer it with a home inspection or only as a separate inspection and are you doing any good with the service (IE busy). Also thinking of offering it with my WDI services and charging more just trying to get a feel for what’s going on in the field with this service.

I think it can work in any of the formats you stated. for its an add on.



It fits in so many places. But I won’t do a home inspection without it. And I charge accordingly. If folks are so short sighted that they don’t want me to use a tool like that then I don’t want them as clients.

Home Inspections
Energy Audits
Roof Leaks
Water leaks

Take your pick or work them all. In my neck of the woods you need as many irons in the fire to keep afloat.

Thanks for the replys guys

Once you get your IR camera, many doors will open that were not there
before. You will have not only high end buyers wanting you to scan there
house, but also general contractors for moisture issues, energy audits,
and more.

We cover all these issues in the offical InterNACHI Infrared Certified
Training course…

We can also help you locate the lowest price on IR cameras.

thanks John I think Im going to take your online class in June


Our next class starts in two days.
May 2nd… 8am cst.