This is a defect because ...

The LFMC here is used to supply an AC unit.

What do you see that may not be acceptable?

This equipment is outside in front of a Las Vegas Casino.

See the picture in my next post, trying to do 3 things at once while teaching here in Milwaukee is not easy especially for an old man like me%between%


You link did not work…comes back invalid link.

Here’s the picture mentioned in #1 above. :wink:

Bonding of the raceway may be a problem. Hard to tell


I was thinking about the “reducing donuts” where the LFMC angle connector is designed with a locknut seal to make contact with the full knockout.

The RD’s interfere with the purpose of the fitting, which is raintight.

If that fitting is entering the enclosure above the live parts, it is a violation, If it enters below the live parts, it is acceptable.

312.2(A)Damp and Wet Locations.
(last paragraph)
For enclosures in wet locations, raceways or cables entering above the level of uninsulated live parts shall use fittings listed for wet locations.


This supply was installed before the rule you describe was added.

Are you saying that this existing work is now considered legal? Hmmmm? :wink: