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OAHI which is a self regulating home inspection association enacted under PR 158 by the Ontario Legislature has failed to meet its own by-laws.

The AGM is scheduled to take place Feb. 25/06. Well before that time the by-laws state…

**Article 6
6(a) those members who shall have given written notice of their seeking the office of director to the Secretary of the Association, together with a brief statement of experience and a brief description of platform, on or before the date which is forty-five (45) days prior to the annual meeting of members at which the directors are to be elected; and

Article 29
2. A minimum of 30 days Notice shall be provided of any proposed repeal or amendment of the By-Laws.

Further no one has seen the financial statements at this point in time even though the year end was Sept 30.

And there have been no BOD minutes issued all year.**

I guess that would mean either no one is interested in running for the BOD and that the existing BOD if willing will be acclaimed. (those who stick around to be acclaimed)

And any pending resolutions and ammendments to the by-laws will not have the adequate time for the members to solicit the current board for discussion of pending by-law changes and any other resolution or items on the agenda.

I guess the membership of OAHI is
a) not concerned
b) doesn’t care what the by-laws state
c) don’t know what the by-laws state
d) don’t care about the finances
e) would post the concerns on the OAHI Cafe forum but don’t want to be suspended from the CAFE for asking serious very concerning questions.
f) don’t care what the Ontario Legislature says must be done in order to meet the self regulating status of a non profit corporation.
g) All of the above.

I would ask all of the above at the upcoming AGM, but it has been made kown that I am not welcome and threats by at least one member of OAHI remain unresolved, but last time I was at the AGM and asked serious questions of the BOD I was shouted down by the directors, and told I did not have a right to seek those sorta answers.

I find it very difficult for 700 plus members of a body that is suppose to be part of a National body (CAHPI) not to be concerned. Upon soliciting other members of OAHI everyone agreed they have not rec’d anything regarding the above.

Boy I am glad I am the only one with the strongest voice to be speaking up. To everyone who is so timid and frieghtened of OAHI you are welcome.

February 2… tick, tick, tick, tick…

February 3… tick, tick, tick, tick…

Being one the earliest Canadian NACHI members.
.I have seen much better return to home inspectors in a very short time the OAHI has done in the last 12+or- years.
Cost is about 50% of OAHi and questions are answered not ignored.
A BB second too none . members helping members ,Questions to a lawyer answered ( usualy the same day). fantastick on line education.
All this on less then $1.00 ( canadian ) a day.
A BB that is able to help none members and the public.
I am not sorry I did not renew with OAHI ( I guess they feel the same about me ).
They continue to prove they do not want free thinkers .
Those who are free thinkers stay quiet for fear of the treatment they could receive from the Directors.
If this is what our future holds with the National Certification ,then I expect it will not succeed.
Roy Cooke sr A Happy NACHI Member

It was suppose to be a secret how Oahi treats its members. Now you’ve gone and let the proverbial cat out of the bag! #-o:oops:

February 3 and counting… tick, tick, tick, tick…

I have sent more than a few requests for their info package and have had no response.
My name is Larry Ewens and I am a Canadian!!!

February 5, and counting…
tick, tick, tick, tick… :slight_smile:


This just in … Stop the clock. As of today Feb.5/06 at 2:54pm est OAHI released the 2006 AGM documentation. Very interesting reading…