This week's (April 27, 2021) Tuesday Night Auction for Cozy Coats for Kids. Infrared Camera. Bid now

This week (April 20, 2021) Cozy Coats for Kids Tuesday Night Auction item is being provided by Inspector Outlet.

It is a FLIR E4 Infrared Camera: FLIR E4 Infrared Camera with Wifi – Inspector Outlet

Also, watch this video:

Non-InterNACHI members are welcome to bid.

Unfortunately, we cannot ship the camera outside of the U.S. But the good news is that in a couple weeks, we’ll be able to ship IR cameras to Canadian InterNACHI members. We just can’t do it yet, for this particular auction. So if you are a Canadian InterNACHI member, hang in there for our auctions in May.


  • Auction starts now and ends at 9PM MST on Tuesday night.
  • Winner will be the post with the highest bid as of 9PM MST.
  • You can bid as many times as you’d like, as long as your new bid is higher than the previous bid.
  • Winner agrees to make a donation to the Cozy Coats for Kids charity for the amount they bid.
  • Winner’s company, company logo, and company contact info will be listed/promoted on the Cozy Coats for Kids’ Donors page forever… an added bonus for winning.
  • Inspector Outlet will contact the winner for shipping instructions (shipping included).
  • Maggie will contact the winner for payment.

Total value approx: $1,035.00.

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I bid five dollar$.

I’ll bid $250 here

I’ll bid 600

Let’s go 650 bid

Welcome to our forum, Scott!..Enjoy!


I will go $777.00

I would like to bid 780

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4,800 (80 x 60) pixel infrared resolution?

I bid $795.

Welcome back to our forum, Oscar!..Enjoy! :smile:

I bid $800

@khoaglund1 wins! I’ll message you with info about the next steps.

Thanks for participating, everyone!

Congratulations, Keith!