This week's (April 6) $100 Most Helpful Message Board Poster Contest.

Post the name of the member who you think makes the most helpful posts.

Don’t vote for yourself of course. Suggest as many (different) members as you like.

There is no sense in voting for past winners as they are ineligible. Past winners:

  • Jeff Pope.
  • Marcel Cyr.
  • Roy Cooke.
  • Charley Bottger
  • Russel Ray
  • Randy Mayo
  • Bob Elliot
  • Jeff Jonas

We’ll send the winner a check for $100.

If someone has helped you on the message board, post his/her name.

This contest is going to run at least once a week for a while.

Eric Van De Ven

John Shishilla

Troy Pappas
Ray Wand

John Shishilla

Ray Wand

Troy Pappas

There are still many posters on here that deserve this recognition. The great thing about these boards is that we have so many with a great deal of knowledge that are always willing to share.

I am voting for Michael Larson this week. He has always been a great source for HI topics and info.

Thanks for keeping this going Nick. I can think of at least 30 or 40 more posters who should be nominated for helping to make these boards the best in the industry.

Barry Adair…

Larry Kage
Kevin Leonard
James McKee


Larry Kage

Cameron Anderson
Michael Clark

Steve Stanczyk

Steve Stanczyk

He has helped me with inspecting, reporting and life in general. Good man.

Steve Stanczyk

Steve Stanczyk

Kenton Shepard.

Nathan Thornberry

For his post from last weeks winner.

Greg Mathias

For this post last week.

How can you nominate a winner for a week that has not happened yet?

I want to see the posts for the week of the winner, not for last month, year, 5 years or your buddy, show me the winning posts!!!